About Carmedon Electronics.

I love musicians because I am one. We’re a little different breed. Some you can see coming a mile away and some will sneak up on you. But we are all chasing a sound. We dedicate our lives or at the very least our spare moments to it.

Whether a novice beginner or a seasoned professional playing in front of thousands, we’re addicted to the pursuit of the sound we hear in our heads. For me that’s always been my focus. As a writer it is the song, as a guitar player it is the tone.

For years I played through nearly every kind of amp/guitar/pedal that I could get my hands on until one day a few years ago I was struck with the burning desire to know why things sounded the way they did.

I wanted to know how the end result was reached just by passing an invisible wave through a little magic box. It became an obsession. After what felt like 2 dozen electronics books and countless hours learning, I attempted my first pedal build. A simple, 10 part, fuzz pedal with silicon diodes. It did not work properly, but our failures are what make our triumphs satisfying and a few tries later, that silicon fuzz turned my clean guitar tone into a fire breathing dragon.

I quickly moved onto more complex circuits and after designing a number of them, I began selling them to working musicians on a referral basis. Soon the time came to release them to the open market so I officially created Carmedon Electronics.

At Carmedon, the goal is to provide you with original sounding, great looking, and well made products that you are proud to have on your pedal board. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing I am able to help you produce the best sound you can imagine.

Thank you for looking us up and entrusting us with your music. By all means, Play On.

– Kevin Maines, Founder + CEO


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